1. What are Aquarius’ common personality traits?

Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility will be good. It is among the few signs that go well with their own signs. Aquarius natives do not care about fitting in as they know that are made to stand out. They are opinionated, stubborn, and care the least about others’ opinions of them. They are visionaries with original ideas. Aquarius loves its independence, but it doesn’t mean that the thought of a relationship doesn’t cross its mind. As much as they love their freedom, they hate being alone. Therefore, they wait for the right person, and when they find their soul mate, they won’t mind giving up their independence. When two Aquarius gets together, they can last for a lifetime. They both will be free-spirited, light-hearted, and will see the world eye to eye. There will be excitement, adventure, and love in this relationship. These two will instantly click and will have a rich and intense understanding. They will go from being best friends to lovers, as the chemistry is bound to create fireworks between the two Water Bearers.

Aquarius and Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility will be about focusing on more positive aspects of humanity. Aquarius love helping people and contemplating social change. This pair gets along so well that people around them drown in jealousy. They have many shared interests like, discussing progressive and modern ideas and following current events. Aquarius comes under the planets Saturn and Uranus. Uranus controls novel ideas, which make the Aquarius intellect very eccentric and extreme. Saturn gives responsibility, work ethics, and tenacity to the Water Bearer. These qualities make this compatibility highly respectable and productive. Aquarius is an Air Sign, so they can confront and brainstorm on issues with their intellectual abilities. It also makes the Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility self-assured and self-confident. They have great conversations, but creating emotional intimacy can be challenging as they can be emotionally detached. Aquarius is a fixed sign. It makes this match dreadfully stubborn but highly productive. They both come up with creative ideas and will respect their partner’s contribution to the common goal. Sometimes, these two might get into a dispute due to strong opinions, but they can work through these minor problems. The best characteristic of the Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility is their ability to bring new ideas to the table owing to different walks of life. As individuals and visionaries, this duo takes initiative for bright innovations and cultural reforms.

Aquarius and Aquarius Business Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius business compatibility is about bringing change in the society along with growing their own business. They are hard-working and work the best under pressure. They will make good associates who also catch up after work to discuss the current events or progressive ideas. They will be full of innovative plans and give each other space to move around freely with their ideas. Their dedication and work ethic will energise other co-workers as well and motivate them to give their best. It can also be because the Aquarius natives don’t like people who do not have a lust for progress. They can be competition, but the competition will be a healthy one. These visionaries will leave no stone unturned in making their business reach greater heights. They are social animals and slide easily into any conversation. It gives them an upper hand while connecting and collaborating with new associates for their business. While one Aquarius is good enough to charm new allies, two will do wonders! Therefore, Aquarius and Aquarius business compatibility is bound to be a success.

Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius love compatibility will be the match two best friends. They will be in awe of each other as friends initially, but their sparking chemistry will make them take the step of entering into a love relationship. It is also the reason why these two can be emotionally aloof in the beginning, along with being somewhat unromantic. The transition from being a friend to lover can be tricky for them but definitely worth it. They both will deeply care for one another without being possessive as they know how important emancipation is for their partner. They will share a lot of fun and intellectual conversation. Since they both are social animals and enjoy a good party, they will spend their nights going out and having fun with their social groups. They will give each other time and space so that their partner and they, themselves, don’t feel overwhelmed. However, there are certain things that the natives will have to keep in mind to http://www.besthookupwebsites.org/oasis-active-review make the Aquarius and Aquarius love compatibility work. The Water Bearers have big egos, and this can spoil things for them. Their egos can lead to conflicts in the relationship, and since both the partners will be stubborn, none of them will want to back down and end the argument. But, if they learn to make a little compromise for their partner, the Aquarius and Aquarius love compatibility can go a long way.

Aquarius and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius sexual compatibility will be the meeting of two minds before the mingling of two bodies. Aquarius natives require some mental stimulation before forming a physical relationship, and since these two will believe in becoming friends first, their sexual experience will become many times better. They will explore everything in the bedroom for sure, but only after getting to know each other first. This sexual compatibility will stand for mind over physical matter. For the two Water Bearers, mental arousal comes first, and physical arousal is secondary. They will try everything under the roof and more in the bedroom and not repeat anything twice. One day, it will be romantic lovemaking, and the other can be full of exploring the wilderness. There will never be a dull moment in bed with two Aquarius. They follow a modern approach and have far from an orthodox mentality. It paves the way to exciting experiences that are free from judgement. Aquarius and Aquarius sexual compatibility will call for sensual and erotic experiences.

Aquarius and Aquarius Family Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius family compatibility will be laid on the foundation of numerous similarities. It will take time for both the freedom-loving and commitment-shy Aquarius partners to get to the point where they will start thinking about their family life, but once they do, balancing family life will be a piece of cake for both. Their marriage will be based on mutual trust and respect and the ability to give the right time and space to the spouse. They can understand each other without having to say a word. Aquarius and Aquarius family compatibility will be filled with adventures, laughter, loyalty, and love. They communicate well with each other that leaves no space for doubt or misinterpretation of thoughts. Overall, this match will make good spouses and good parents and lead a healthy family life.

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