Gay Dating Apps Australia: A Guide To Finding The Perfect Match Online

The Only Gay Dating Apps Aussies Need To Find Their Best Matches

Finding romantic relationships in real life can be exhausting . After all, it takes so much energy and effort just to figure out how compatible you might be with someone. Luckily, dating sites can save you a world of trouble with their advanced matchmaking services, smart algorithms, and wide reach of potential matches.

So, are you searching for your true love? Or maybe your next hookup? Whatever it is, we have the perfect gay dating sites for you. Add some more excitement to your dating life with our list of the best gay dating sites in Australia!

Why You Should Try Free Gay Dating Apps in Australia

In just a few clicks, online dating sites and apps have the power to connect you with dozens of new (and hot) people. But aside from its obvious convenience, gay dating sites are all about being upfront about what you like and don’t like in a man. A quick profile read-through will tell you a guy’s sexual preferences, sexual orientation, whether he’s in good sexual health or not, and if he wants a serious relationship.

Top 10 Gay Dating Apps in Australia

Don’t waste your time on dating sites that are buggy and filled with fake accounts. Just check out our list of the most popular gay dating apps in Australia to find The One…or even just The Next One.


With multiple awards under its belt, Grindr is arguably the best gay dating app on social media. Unlike other gay dating websites, Grindr provides a lot of freedom in messaging and browsing for free accounts.

As more of a hookup app, you can expect a gallery of shirtless profile pictures and to get a ton of offers for casual sex. One downside though is that some users have complained that they often encounter fake profiles on this dating platform.

Fun fact: In a 2020 survey , it was revealed that Aussies come in at #5 for the most number of Grindr users identifying as “vers” – very impressive, considering there are 3.7 million users worldwide!

Elite Singles

Can’t seem to find a lasting relationship? Elite Singles has got you covered! With its pool of intellectual members and advanced personality test matching, Elite Singles prides itself in helping brainy gay men find fulfilling long-term relationships. All you need to do is answer an in-depth questionnaire, and the app matches you with like-minded individuals with whom you can build a serious romance.


Is your busy schedule getting in the way of your dating life? Scruff is the solution! This gay online dating app has an amazing travel option where you can click on a destination city and meet cute gay singles or queer men in the area. You can go on a gay cruise in the city, take a guy on a romantic first date, or even make new friends – the possibilities are endless.

On top of that, it has a private album-sharing feature to help your dates get a sneak peek of what you’re packing.

Gay Match Maker

There’s someone for everyone, and Gay Match Maker is here to prove it. Gay Match Maker connects you with the most suitable gay guys in your location looking, but it comes at a price. Membership plans are a definite must if you want to make the most of its services and get to know other members.

Silver Singles

If you feel like you’ve struck out on love time and time again, Silver Singles is here to help. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to browse through profile pages, and its customer care team consistently removes fake dating profiles to ensure that the other users you talk to are the real deal.


OkCupid is known as the gamechanger dating site, renowned for providing profile compatibility scores! It asks users amusing and meaningful questions that are posted on profiles to make those first messages feel less intimidating. On top of that, it has over 50 million users, and its inclusivity of varying sexual orientations and genders makes it a safe space for gay, bi, trans, and queer people.


Swipe to your heart’s content with one of the hottest dating apps out there. Tinder offers a large pool of people to give you the best chances of finding the perfect match. With its premium membership, Tinder users gain international profile access – a testament that love (or lust) has no distance.


This free gay dating site is known for having very friendly users and helping gay guys develop deep relationships with one another.


With over 40 million users worldwide, bi-curious guys can afford to be picky on a dating site like Zoosk! This is one of the bisexuals dating apps that offer the opportunity to connect (and flirt) with a diverse range of men from different cultures, races, and religions. And if that’s not enough, it sends you a daily match as part of its scientific matchmaking service based on a compatibility assessment!


Hornet has similar features to Grindr but has a stronger sense of community thanks to its Feed feature. It works just like a social networking app since you can follow, like, comment, hashtag, and even send profiles to friends you want to set up.


Hinge believes that the person you’ve been looking for may be right in front of you. The mobile app uses social networking sites like FB or IG to connect you with friends of friends or people with shared interests. (That’s why it’s great for business networking too!)

Although Hinge has a similar swipe function like Tinder, its users are more concerned with building real relationships – it proudly advertises that 75% of their first dates are followed by second dates shortly after.

Honourable Mentions

While these gay dating sites didn’t make the list, they’re still great options to consider if you’re not feeling the more popular choices.

Try Gay Dating Sites Today

Although the LGBTQ community is now widely accepted in Australia, the dating world can still feel intimidating. Trying out some of the best gay dating apps in Australia is an exciting way to explore your options and learn more about what you want and don’t want in a man. Try one of our recommended gay dating sites today, and become one step closer to building a lasting and deeper connection with someone.

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